The BS/MBA Joint Degree Program is available for UTEP engineering students in the following majors: Computer Science, Industrial, Manufacturing, Systems, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Leadership, and Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.

This joint degree program allows engineering students to build their management skills and enhance their marketability by earning their Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees concurrently. BS/MBA students benefit from a program that allows them to earn both degrees with a reduction of 18 credits across both degree programs.

BS/MBA Program Admission Requirements

  • At least 90 credit hours accumulated toward their degree
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.30
  • Admission to the full-time MBA program.  Click here for MBA admission requirements.

Profile in Success: Noe Martinez, BS-EE, MBA
Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Tell us a little about yourself and your experience before joining the program.

Noe Martinez During my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (EE), I joined different engineering organizations and became the president of Eta Kappa Nu, the EE Honor Society.  I also worked for the college of engineering as an engineering ambassador and exposed local high school students to engineering and science concepts. During this time, I got the opportunity to do three internships with Texas Instruments working in the clean rooms for chip manufacturing as a product engineer, failure analysis for already developed products, and providing solutions to customers as an Applications Engineer.  Upon attaining my bachelor’s degree, I decided to proceed into a Master’s program in Systems Engineering, where I researched radar concepts and next generation networks.

What drove you to pursue an MBA?

Knowing that I had an aptitude in analytical and quantitative abilities, I felt that I needed to improve my qualitative skills.  I realized that an MBA program would be a great opportunity to enhance those skills and achieve my goal in becoming a technical lead or manager someday.  I saw an MBA as a good opportunity to achieving that goal and more.  After reviewing different MBA programs, I focused my attentions on University of Texas at El Paso’s Full-Time MBA, which offered an opportunity to work on real-world business problems, research engagement, Mandarin language lessons, and more.  The program was exactly what I needed to achieve my goals.

Where do you work? How has the MBA program helped you in your current position?

I work for Lockheed Martin as a Systems Engineer for the F-35 Lightning II program - the Department of Defense’s most advanced, lethal, affordable, supportable, and survivable aircraft in the world.  I am currently stationed in California.  I perform prognostics health management and diagnostic functions in a flight test environment, and interact, on a daily basis, with test operations and engineering personnel.  I support daily missions and I am the liaison for the Integrated Test Force with other test sites across the United States.

As a full-time MBA student, I had the opportunity to work on a Corporate Engagement Project Competition as a market research analyst with the Coca-Cola Company.  Along with my other team members, we delivered a marketing solution to Coca-Cola and won 2nd place.  This was a great experience that helped me obtain the job that I currently have.
Did having an MBA factor into your job prospects?

Of course! It opened up many opportunities for job interviews and job offers in both the technical and non-technical industry. 

What would you tell students considering the joint BS in Engineering - MBA program?

If you are striving to be a manager or technical lead someday, I definitely recommend pursuing this option.  Not only will it open many opportunities in the technical world, but also in the business world.