Stephen Salter

Dr. Stephen Salter

Chair for the Center of Western Hemispheric Trade
Professor of Accounting
Accounting and Information Systems Department
College Of Business Administration Rm. 225
(915) 747-7755


Management Accounting and Control, National Culture, Emotional Intelligence, International Programs and Research, Fulbright, Latin America


Dr. Stephen B. Salter comes to UTEP as a Professor of Accounting & Endowed Chair of Western Hemispheric Trade. Prior to coming to UTEP, he was Associate Professor of Accounting and Director of the University of Cincinnati, College of Business Centre for Global Competitiveness. He received his Ph.D. in International Business and Accounting from the University of South Carolina in 1990. Dr. Salter has published over 30 articles in a variety of global journals including The Journal of International Business Studies, a Financial Times 30 Journal and the leading international business journal; and accounting journals such as Accounting Horizons, Behavioral research in Accounting and the International Journal of Accounting. He is also the co-author of "Global Accounting and Control: A Managerial Emphasis" and regularly acts as a contributor to other books. His recent research has focused on examining the validity of American based cultural and control paradigms in a non-US environment. Dr Salter has taught in the U.S., Chile, South Africa, Australia, France, the UK and Canada. He has acted as independent consultant in the Government of Ontario's redesign of the audit qualification process and has testified before the International Accounting Standards Board. Prior to entering academia, Professor Salter was a partner at Ernst & Young Management Consultants. He has also held positions in a variety of global financial service organizations including the Bank of Montreal.